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Cat Kororo within the Nintendo DS

If you’ve ever played typical puzzle games like Bejeweled or PuzzleQuest, you’ll take pleasure in the cute and fluffy family pets in Four-legged friend Kororo. The aim of the game is always to match up pairs of identical animals to make them disappear. The sport is also popular for its reasonable animation and touch screen adjustments. You can even enjoy in «Attack Mode, inches a function where that you simply limited to the time you have to develop a level.

A second new video game on the Nintendo DS, Animal Kororo is a challenge game which has a unique perspective. It incorporates a unique touchscreen display technology and bunnies because the download games for gameboy advance emulator main topic. To whole the levels, you need to help the kororo avoid colliding to bunnies, which will allow them to end rolling. To be able to progress one stage further, you must make perfectly sure that each bunny is in lines and not obstructing any other folks.

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